How is it to make your own pizza or bread dough at home and then freshly bake and serving by slicing when warm along with your home smelling with so much rich gourmet like the shop?

But most of them who love to bake and who want to try some exciting dough recipes are always taken aback when it comes to deal with yeast.

Why does working with yeast remains or stops from baking your bread dough ?

It’s just that I realized that few points to keep in mind and to follow while working with your dough, will make it so simple easy and promise you with best bakery-style warm loaves of bread.

This blog will provide the steps to make your bread making with yeast activation process easier and simpler in order for the beginner and enthusiastic bakers can go ahead and try with their freshly made bread.

Clear instructions on the following will be provided.

  1. how to activate the yeast
  2. how to tell if yeast is active
  3. how long does it take yeast to activate
  4. how to use active dry yeast
  5. Proofing process

how to activate yeast ?

Yeast activation is the initial process of any of your dough recipes like pizza, cinnamon rolls, croissants, donuts, or plain warm bread.

It’s yet one of the most crucial parts of your dough recipe, it is that providing some attention and sincerity at this step will definitely yield some great homemade dough bread.

As we all know there are different yeast varieties available in the market and the usage also differs according to the type, for instance, its crucial for the dry or active dry yeast to be activated before incorporating into your flour whereas instant yeast can be directly added to the flour and that go ahead with your recipe instructions.

Active dry yeast activation process steps

Most of our dry yeast will look with medium granules size and that of instant yeast will have even more smaller granules.

It’s very important that your liquid, either the water or milk should be lukewarm before adding your yeast, and I mean lukewarm is just simply warm, and not too hot or too cold or not even room temperature, you should probably bear the heat when you put your fingers into the liquid which you will be using for the yeast.

try to add your yeast along with the equal amount of sugar whenever you make your dough since sugar enhances the yeast activation, which contributes to the overall recipe.

So once your liquid is in the perfect temperature, add your yeast and give a mild stir, no need to mix well

how long does it take yeast to activate ?

Depending upon the yeast brand you use, and according to the water temperature, your yeast will start raising, mostly the time taken for any type of active dry yeast to activate will be 10 to 20 minutes when left aside after stirring.

how to tell if yeast is active ?

After 10 to 15 minutes you need to give a check of the yeast liquid mixture which you had set aside, your yeast is active once you find a find foamy mild bubbly layer formed on the top of your container, evenly or almost even. It’s now ready to be added to your flour.

Active dry yeast activation – Right side bottom picture is the activated foamy layer

how to activate instant yeast?

The types of instant yeast available also vary accordingly just like the active dry yeast, which I mentioned above, according to the best dough bread makers and from the top cooking channels, it’s said that, instant yeast provides a rapid rise and that it can be directly added to your recipe or flour by avoiding the activation, it’s true that even I have observed no changes or disturbance in the overall recipe when adding the instant yeast directly.

I have used instant yeast in my bread recipes, which I have tried and posted in my previous blog uploads, whole wheat bread, and honey wheat bread, for which I tried in to use the instant yeast and that I completely avoided the activation part and directly added with the flour and went further with the recipe. If you need on how the instant yeast works by adding directly, please check my bread recipes.



But what if I say instant yeast can also be activated ? Yes , I tried activating the instant ones in order to get the most fluffiest cinnamon buns and it did.

Instant yeast can also be activated just like the same dry yeast activation , tablespoon of yeast and sugar in lukewarm water( bearable warmth ) for 10 to 15 minutes.

Instant yeast activation process

Its nothing that, instant yeasts can be either directly added to your flour which will provide the same desired results or just simply activate it in order to avoid any further problems in your recipe.

Yeast and flour

Wheat flour – If in case you are trying to make a healthier version of whole wheat or broken wheat bread recipe with either type of yeasts, make sure you follow the same instructions and let the dough rise time for 3 to 4 hours since whole wheat are very ignorant to rises with yeast but with increased time for proofing will definitely give softer wheat bread.

All-purpose flour – With regular flour, the dough proofing for the perfect rise will take around 2 to 3 hours and that you can observe a well-raised dough within 3 hours.


If you are making your bread or dough in the winter climate, please make sure you keep your dough in the warmest place at your house as the dough will rise well and more quickly.

Proofing the dough

Depending upon the recipe, the proofing process has to be done, few dough recipes will have to be proofed twice in order to get softer results, while few like donuts can be proofed just once, and fried directly.

Also depending upon the flour texture, the time period for the proofing will vary, as for wheat flour will take more then the required time in order to rise then regular flour, so that if you are making whole wheat dough, give ample time to flour and that you can make it along with your rest of the work for the day.

I hope the above tips on working with yeast, handling the yeast make your bread making process easier as I always wanted everyone, who are excited to bake to go ahead and try and to realize the fact that baking is so easy and the most beautiful feeling.

Will soon be working on some more delicious soft dough recipes for upcoming weeks and that will provide enough images for even more clear instructions.

Always with your support & love


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