Easy Quick Caramel sauce – Healthy version

Hi all , back with some more exciting , simple and easy dessert recipes on board, my next recipe will be Caramel apple bars which will be uploaded in some time later.

On the coarse of that , i thought would share my home made healthy caramel sauce recipe which goes well with desserts like bars , ice-creams and any of your favorite desserts.

It acts as a super binding texture and also the smooth one.

It takes hardly 15 minutes to prepare and what if i say with just simple ingredients ??


1 cup of tightly packed brown sugar ( Parrys brown sugar goes well)

1/4 cup of milk

1/2 cup of butter

pinch of vanilla extract


In a large sauce pan , better to be heavy bottom in order to prevent scorching of the sauce , add in the butter , allow it to melt completely in very low flame

Once the butter is completly melted add in your milk and give a stir for 20 seconds , then add your brown sugar simultaneously by stirring the mixture (make sure the heat is in very low flame )

stir the mixture continuously without a break , lastly add in your vanilla and stir for 10 seconds

take off the heat immediately , pour it in a air tight container and let it cool in the counter top for an hour or so and then refrigerate

great for topping your favourite desserts

take your sauce , heat it for 10 seconds and drizzle over your favorite desserts or even ice creams

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