Easy flour less Chocolate Cake

For all those true chocolate lovers ! again back with a super easy quick fudgy chocolate cake recipe. Its one of the easiest chocolate cake i have ever tried until now.

The ingredients are so limited , hardly 4 to 5 , most of which are basic pantry ingredients like sugar , eggs and butter, may be you might need some good quality dark chocolate

Also i guess there are so much grocery apps doing a great job in this hectic time to deliver the needed.

This decedant fudgy chocolate recipe can be done in just 20 minutes and the whole recipe invloves just two steps.

Lets get to the fudgy part !


1+ 1/4 cup of dark chocolate chopped

2/3 cup of sugar

4 eggs ( whites and yellow separated )

Note – Kindly make sure the eggs are perfectly separated into whites and yellow , you would need to achieve a foamy texture from the egg whites for which both the parts to be separated carefully.

I just took help from my mother , who just nails these parts so easily and that i cant do that separation parts properly, its very crucial that the white part is crystal clear with no yellow part in it.

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp instant coffee powder ( Coffee acts compliments the chocolate so well by enhancing the chocolate flavor)

1/4 cup boiling hot water


  1. Take a large bowl with your egg whites , whisk using an electric beater or hand whisk until you reach a foamy peaks condition

Note – hand whisk would take an extra time of 15 minutes to create foam but yes hand whisk also acts well

2. If you have a food processor or even our mixer , combine your chocolate and hot water , give a mix for 20 seconds or until your chocolate chunks are kind of melted, then add your remaining ingredients ( egg yellow parts, vanilla extract, sugar, softened butter & instant coffee powder) , give a mix for a minute or 40 seconds or until all combined in your processor or mixie.

Add this smooth chocolate mixture into your whisked egg white.

Note – Kindly fold the chocolate into your egg white gently and do not over mix it

few chunks can be left if not incorporated. Do not over mix.

3. Line a 7 to 8 inch cake pan with butter , moist your pan well.

Baking temperature: 40 minutes at 190 Celsius or until the layer is set.

Note – This is not a flip open cake , so you would probably need a spring foam pan in order release the sides of the pan.But if you dont have a spring foam pan , bake in your available cake tin , scoop your piece carefully when eating. Either way its a fudge cake , so the taste is just great.


You can probably decorate your cake with powdered sugar or any berries or whipped cream.

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