No knead Easy Rustic Bread

Hi all , Hope everyone are doing well in this course of time , Kindly take care of yourselves in terms of hygiene , sanitation and by eating healthy home made foods.

On my list of Dough recipes ,my next one was a no knead rustic or hard bread. Its more often baked in European countries since they have the loaf fully at a time by topping it with some fresh vegetables or fruits or any spread or even plain butter.

I thought of giving it a try since i prefer a lot of simple Indian style toasts recipes which would go really well with this hard texture bread as it turns out to be very crispy , so at the end you will be getting with the splash of your spicy stuffing with the rustic crisp of the bread.


3 cups of all purpose flour

1+1/2 tsp of instant or active dry yeast ( if its active dry yeast , kindly proof it in a cup of warm water , and once a foamy layer is formed , kindly incorporated it to your flour , start knead with extra water )

1 + 1/2 cup warm water

1 tsp salt

1 tsp sugar

Baking temperature- 200 degree Celsius or 450 Fahrenheit


  1. Add in your flour and salt mix well , make a well inside add in your instant yeast and sugar , add in your warm water , start by combining your flour together.

Note – this dough should not be kneaded at all , in order to get that hard texture .

2. Your dough will be very sticky with lot of moisture in it , just continue combine the flour in the same bowl , do not over knead at all.

3. Rest the bowl with your sticky dough for a minimum of 18 to 20 hours ( can be done on night and baked for the next day evening for dinner or a evening snack )

4. Place your dough bowl somewhere in a warm place for 18 to 20 hours by covering it with a clean cloth or aluminium foil

5. After 20 hours , your dough would have doubled in size and you can visibly see the small holes and the spongy texture – refer the image for the final proofed rustic dough. Its perfect to be baked finally.

6. Carefully scrape the dough from the bowl without sticking and place it on s floured surface , do no knead , just try to perform to bring the dough to a doom size. That is it , its done ( Do not knead )

Baking method

Generally rustic or sourdough are baked in a traditional dutch oven , which is a hard hot pot with a heavy bottom and covering , this is basically to develop the steam for the dough inside so the dough will be baked in the warm perfect temperature

for those who do not have one , like me , you can still create a look like Dutch oven and still bake it , Trust me it worked for my dough

  1. First place a 12 cup cup cake tray on the lower rack layer of your oven while preheating at 200 degree celsius or 450 fahrenheit ( if you dont have a cup cake tray , place a any closed cake tin not a spring foam tin but a closed cake tin while preheating)
  2. Once preheated , carefully open your oven and pour an amount of boiling water into your preheated cup cake tray or cake tin inside the oven ( Caution – wear your oven proof gloves and perform the action )
  3. Then take your Oven tray dust it with some flour and place your formed round Rustic dough in the center and place this tray one on the above rack of your oven ( above the steamed tin which you have already placed below )
  1. Now close your oven , bake it for 50 to 60 minutes- you are looking for a deep brown hard crust.

Your Rustic bread is done!

It can be eaten by many ways , with spreads , plain butter , i preferred it to be topped with our Indian style spicy panner stuffing with some cheese , its really great to go with those type of stuffing

It forms as a perfect starter recipes for your parties or a snack.

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