Simple No bake creamy Mango Cheese Cake

125 gm Cream Cheese – 1/2 cup + 1Tbsp – ( Indian brand Britannia cream cheese will go well with reasonable rate)
150 gm whipped Cream – 1+1/4 cup
1 Ripe Mango – puree
40 gm Caster Sugar – 3 tbsp + 1 tsp

Mango puree –

Remove the skin carefully from the ripe mango and scoop the pulp without leaving any behind, avoid the seed.

Note: for the perfect texture, please follow the above exact measurements

also included cup measurements.

  • For the Crumble base

100gm digestive biscuits – ( Recommended – Mari vita )

2 Tbsp melted butter

  • Topping decoration

2 medium ripe mangoes

NOTE: Full ripe mangoes are not recommended as it will be difficult in cutting into shapes.


  1. Take a small or medium-size bowl, add in the powdered digestive biscuits, add in the butter and use a fork or spoon to mix the crumble well, ( the butter and the biscuits to be well combined such that it can hold shapes).
  2. transfer the crumble mixture to the greased cake tin ( greased well, on the sides well), use a wide mouth spoon to spread and press the crumble towards the bottom of the greased tin
  1. smooth well with the spoon such there is no crumble mixture on sides or top remaining behind.
  2. refrigerate the cake tin while the cream cheese gets ready, preferably 30 minutes to 1 hour
  3. take a large wide-mouth bowl ( preferably glass bowl or plastic bowl as an increased amount of beating is required.)
  4. add in the ripe mango puree, powdered sugar, and the cream cheese ( as per the measurements mentioned above)
refer the cream cheese filling
  1. It has to be combined well until all the puree, sugar and cream cheese are blended well, can either use a hand mixer or an electric beater.
  2. the texture of the batter – the texture of the batter to be fluffy, should not be watery and pale yellow with a reasonable amount of sweetness.
  3. now take the chilled whipping cream milk and whip it until stiff peaks come

(it can be whipped by placing on an ice tray as mentioned in other recipe articles or it can be simply whipped in a large bowl with chilled cream, I whipped on a bowl as well.

cream cheese texture after all the cheese filling ingredients are incorporated well
  1. please refer to the above image for clear clarity of the color and texture of the cheesecake filling.
  2. remove the cake tin from the freezer, pour the cream cheese mixture on top of the crumbled topping
  3. use a spatula or any flat mouth spoon to flatten the cream cheese mixture above
  1. give a very gentle tap and now your cheesecake is ready to be freeze before serving
  2. freezing mode and duration – the cream cheese tin can be frozen preferably in a high freeze mode, so set the freeze mode according to your refrigerate type

time duration: it has to be frozen minimum of 8 hours to 18 hours well before serving

Info: the high freeze mode and 18 hours time are suggested since I could see my cheesecake mixture took a long time to set with the crumble top.


  • Take the medium ripe mangoes, peel the skin carefully
  • use a sharp knife and slice the mango on either side of the seed
  • now place the two big slices of the mango and start slicing on the form of potato wedges ( like how it’s cut for potato wedges)
  • try to maintain the uniform thickness of the slices
  • decorate or topping to be done only when the cake freezes well
  • once all the slices are to be topped, remove the cake tin from the freezer, place the slices as shown in the picture
  • try to form repeated circles with the slices
  • do not leave any gaps between the circles and fill the remaining tops with enough mango wedges.
  • now place the cake tin again inside the freezer.

Note: for decorating

  • decoration or mango sliced topping to be done only before 30 minutes of serving
  • try to freeze for minimum of 15 min after topping make sure the mangoes used for the topping to not be fully ripe as it will be very difficult to cut into wedge-shaped or to any desired shapes topping of the sliced mangoes can be done without loosening the sides of the tin, as much the time taken to settle the overall cake is better.

since our climate being humid and with a reasonable amount of heat, high freeze mode is always recommended for all no-bake freeze desserts, since the cake will start to soften within 20 minutes of taking out.

14. once the cake is frozen for more than 12 to 15 hours, remove the cake tin from the freezer, unwrap the plastic.

15. while removing the sides of the cake tin, please be very careful and patient as the cake might tend to separate if high pressure or done fastly.

16. Yes 🙂 finally your first, delicious, refreshing mango cheesecake is ready! kudos to us

what more waiting for? :), slice it and serve to all your loved ones, don’t forget to have one for yourself since it will be emptied once sliced

it forms as a perfect dessert after a good meal, for your loved and special ones as well

please do try this recipe and beat the cheesecake fear fantasies :)!

thanks for reading and referring 🙂



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