For all those beginner bakers or starter bakers over there! This will be the best for the baking from scratch for simple and yet delicious recipes.

This blog will be focussing on bakers who are at the beginner level and who wanted to develop or expand their passion by sharing their own experiences and ideas towards a similar group of people.

From simple recipes to the most exotic traditional European desserts, puff pastries, the beginner bakers gonna try out and find it how easy and efficient to make at home with minimal baking utensils.

About me

I am from a software and business background working as a web analyst in the digital marketing field for a top business enterprise company for the past 2 years, and yes you are right!  This platform gave me an idea to share my ideas and interest with all those similar people out there!! Through blogging and also to improve my content marketing skills :).

I developed the passion for baking gradually since from my teens when I discovered my love for chocolate desserts and the best cakes and also when I realized that I always have some space left for my dessert to be filled up in my tummy :)even after a large meal, sounds crazy but for all those dessert and cake lovers out there will try to get my point I guess!! :).

Being in India we always had tough time to get some of the creamiest ingredients’s for the cakes recipes which we going to try out, we try to search for the best online baking ingredients out there to reach or even some times we try to replace the particular ingredients which are in demand or hardly found with the best alternative, there is plenty of information available by the best baking bloggers all over the world to guide us.

I will try to copy-paste all the links of the baking blogs which I read and go for referring  :), it’s always nice to share some useful tips and so my people please I would request you to share your ideas and some Pro tips on baking on my comments below 🙂


“Only when we experience the need, we realize to share our ideas to the people just like us and also we hope to reach those persons who are really in need of the tips and ideas we share”.

I would be really happy even if very few beginner bakers think my blog is really useful and try out any of the recipes mentioned below.

Trust me these are really some homemade cozy desserts, please do try, yes its worth trying out 🙂

Guys please share your valuable feedback on the comments or even catch me on my mail ID always 🙂

I would love to and respect your comments or any steps to be followed or replaced in my dishes as well 🙂

Thank you

With loads of love for all the sweetest bakers over there!